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Just enter any script or pdf to convert into human voice like audiobooks

Step 3

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The ears have it:
The rise of audiobooks and podcasting

The global audiobooks market size is expected to expand at a CAGR of 26.3% from 2023 to 2030.

Audiobooks make content easily accessible on electronic devices, irrespective of time and place.

With AI system we've created an entire cast of characters with different voices, accents & tones.

Making audio content more accessible to authors and publishers who were not able to afford to hire a voice actor before.

Take A look At this...
This is INSANE....
Market size value in 2023 is $23.75 billion & Revenue forecast in 2030 is $130.63 billion
Market size value in 2023 is $23.75 billion & Revenue forecast in 2030 is $130.63 billion
FACT IS: Audiobooks & Podcasting is a
Booming business!

56% of audiobook listeners were below the age of 45.

Over 450 Millions ACTIVE Podcast Listeners, Accounting For 22.5% of internet Users

Over 30% Growth In The Number Of Podcast Listeners Every Year Passing Since 2020

Everyone Is Multi-Tasking, Prefers Listening To a Podcast While Driving, Gyming, And Doing Other Daily Chores

the BIG FISHES of the audiobook & Podcast market
Are LEVERAGING THE MASSIVE $25+ Billion Market AND 450 Million High Paying Audience
Amazon Music
Audible, Inc
Google Podcast
Storytel AB
W.F.Howes Ltd.
Rakuten Group, Inc.
listen on spotify
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc.
But the HARSH TRUTH Is...
Creating Your Own Audiobooks, Podcasts Website & Marketplace is Not That Easy...
There Is A High Cost Associated With Writing an Audiobook...

Writing a book is not a easy task...

You need to spend countless hours in research and writing.

We are not even considering the time spent in making changes and refinement of your script.

And If you decide to get it written by freelancers, they will charge you in the range From $1500 to $3000 just to write you one book…

Can you believe it..?
You need to record the Podcast Episodes & Audiobooks...

An audiobook or podcast need a great soothing voice which can bind the listners to the script.

For this, you need to hire a professional narrator or a voice artist.

And great things takes TIME and MONEY...

The cost for creating a single audiobook typically ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 on average.

Even If you Create All The Content By spending a huge amount...
You need A Platform to...
Publish Your Audiobooks & podcasts for your listeners & to earn profit out of it
To Reach Millions Of Listeners...

you need to publish your AudioBooks & podcast On Your Own marketplace Or on platforms like -

Spotify, Podcast Index, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, HeartRadio, Overcast, Castbox, and many more.

But the problem is
They Charge Exorbitant cut from your earnings...

Despite producing and publishing more and more audiobooks...

many of creators see dramatic decreases in their earnings per audiobook.

They charge 60% to 75% commission..

pretty expensive, right?

The Audible ACX contract states a 40% "royalty" or 25% "royalty", depending on which Audible distribution option is agreed, exclusive or non-exclusive.

after getting frustrated from these marketplace...

You decide to create your own Audiobooks or Podacst WEBSITE

For This, You need to hire a developer or a freelancer to built a website for you...

...even for a simple website you have to pay $700 - $1500.

Now Imagine..,

The amount you need to pay for having an audiobook or podcast website, would be more than $3000

On top of that, you need to pay monthly for the hosting of the website as well.

But What If...
You can avoid all these hassels through Artificial intelligence

In 2023, the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable advancements across various domains.

The integration of AI into everyday life has become more pervasive and seamless than ever before...

Natural language processing (NLP) and language generation models have attained unprecedented levels of sophistication.

And we managed to finally harness its power…

To overcome every obstacle when it comes to create & publish AudioBooks & Podacsts…

Worlds # 1 ChatGPT4 Powered App Converts Any Keywords & Scripts to Spellbinding Audiobooks & Podcasts with Zero Writing Efforts!
  • Turn ANY Existing Blog, Text, eBooks, Articles or Script into Audiobooks & Podcasts in 30 seconds
  • Publish your AudioBook Or Podcast To (Spotify, Audible, Scribe)
  • Create Your Own Website or Marketplace For Audiobooks
  • Kickstarting your own podcasting agency
  • Target 450 million ACTIVE podcast listeners - MASSIVE High Paying Traffic
  • Easily Sell Podcast On Fiverr, Upwork, Craiglist, Anywhere on Internet
  • Let AudioJourney & ChatGPT4 Do ALL The Work For You...
  • Create A Podcast With Human Voice Without Recording
  • With Zero Writing Efforts, AI writes For You
  • Choose From 100+ Real Human-Like Voices
  • Pay Once & Proft Forever!
  • Commerical License Included
Start Your Own Profitable Audiobook & Podcast Platform/Agency With Zero Writing Efforts In Just 3 Clicks...
Let ODIO Do All The Work For You…
Step 1

Login to ODIO Cloud-Based App

Step 2
Engage the AI Creator

Just enter any script or pdf to convert into human voice like audiobooks

Step 3

Yes, that’s it! Publish your audiobook website and start earning profits

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Unleash Rapid Automation: No more tedious hours spent on manual website creation.

Dive into an Audiobook Wonderland: Picture a vast digital library boasting over hundreds of high-quality audiobooks from different niches.

Let our DFY (Done For You) websites handle the heavy lifting, while you sit back and watch your earnings soar.

by Allowing Creators To Create...
Sample of Human Like Realistic Voices created Inside ODIO
Happy User's Sharing Success Stories with ODIO

ODIO is an absolute game-changer!

It has turned me into an overnight sensation in the podcasting world. the ease with which it converts written content into high-quality audio is unparalleled.

listeners are captivated by the life like narration, and advertisers are knocking on my door to collaborate. My income has skyrocketed, thanks to this innovative tool.

It's like having a personal recording studio and a team of professional narrators at your fingertips. Bravo!

James. M
Kathy Rose

Unbelievable results! ODIO has transformed my side hustle into a full-fledged business.

Advertisers are eager to partner with me, and my audience keeps growing exponentially. this ai tool has made podcasting and audiobook creation accessible to everyone, and the financial rewards speak for themselves.

Kudos to creators!

I'm in awe of ODIO Audiobooks and Podcast Creator!

Being an author, I've always dreamed of bringing my stories to life through narration, but the costs and logistics seemed insurmountable.

The income from my audiobook sales has been remarkable, and the podcasting feature has added a new dimension to my creative endeavors.

I'm not just telling stories; I'm building a thriving income stream!

Ramsey. J
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Even Turn Your Old Boring Videos In To Stunning AudioBooks
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Generate Script for your Audiobooks & Podcasts

Now, you don't have to write anything. Just provide your input and ODIO will generate any script and content you want.

It can be an audiobook, podcast, VSL script, video ad script, and more.

Generate Human Like Voiceover with AI Powered Engine

Provide Your AI generated script to our AI Narrator and it will generate the amazing voiceover in your chosen voice.

Generate Voice Overs for Ads, videos, webinar, courses, reels, testimonials, or even voiceovers for tiktok videos…

Transform Any Keyword, Blog, PDF, Article, Or Website Into an Audiobook

Don't have time to generate script or got a attractive or converting script already... than upload it on ODIO & it will turn it into a complete audiobook within seconds.

AI Podcast Creator

Create and Start broadcasting your Podcast on any platform you like...

Just provide the input & record your Podcast in human like voice... no need of any editing.

Built-in Website / Marketplace To Sell Audiobooks

ODIO is the only app that comes with a built-in website/ marketplace… to sell yours and your client audiobooks & podcasts to 450 Million High Paying Audience.

And the best part is, you can receive instant payments via multiple methods (including PayPal, Stripe, Cards, and Bank Accounts) & keep 100% of the money you make…

Choose From 600+ Human-Like Voices

ODIO comes 600+ Life-Like, Human sounding voices that instantly capture attention & the trust of your audience.

Resulting in higher conversions and more sales.

Publish Your Podcast in 80+ Different Languages

Language is no barrier with ODIO. You can tap your audience from all over the world.

Choose your podcast language and ODIO will generate podcast for you.

Embed Podcast On Any Website

With Just 1 click, you can generate an embed code and embed your audio, podcast on any webpage, website or blog.

No technical setup, and no coding required.

Generator eCovers For Audiobook

Generate eCover for your audiobooks and podcasts with just a click…

By using the power of AI, all it takes is just 30 seconds.

Ask Anything To Powerful AI Engine

Not Just Podcast & Audiobooks, ODIO can do everything for you.

Be it...

  • Generate articles, vsl and scripts
  • Create social media plans
  • Write Fb & Google ads
  • Write emails for you
  • Ask any questions
  • Write code for you
  • And so much more
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase of ODIO is backed with Iron Clad 30 days money back guarantee, if you think it is not worth...

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AI Writer
Voice Generation
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  • Stop spending your time and energy chasing expensive copywriters, narrators, content writers for late delivery…
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  • Stop paying for your basic marketing materials needs…
  • Stop dealing with technical burdens…
  • Stop dealing with website and funnel designers...
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Instantly skyrocket your conversion, traffic and sales with high-quality marketing materials…

Create unlimited Audiobooks & podcasts & Dominate any niche

Just type in the description or give voice commands for producing audiobooks, podcasts , VSL & other scripts

Stop being dependent on expensive freelances, third party software's and services...

ODIO comes with a commercial license that lets you start selling Audiobooks, Scripts, VSl's...

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Webfit Ai
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Master the Art of YouTube Affiliate Marketing: Boost Your Income with Video Success.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need any experience to get started?
No, you don't need to do anything at all… Just follow the simple instruction in 60 seconds and you're good to go
Is there any monthly cost?
No, there is no monthly payment needed whatsoever
How long does it take to make money?
Our average member made their first sale the same day they got access to ODIO
Do I need to purchase anything else for it to work?
Nope… Not a thing. ODIO. is the complete thing
How can I get started?
All you have to do is click any of the buy buttons on the page, and secure your copy of ODIO-for a one-time fee